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Other Houses - Although we love birds very much, we want to nurture all the critters in the garden just as much! We generally carry other kinds of homes and shelters, like this bat shelter from Audubon. 

Check out this link to learn more about  Bats!
The Ultimate Bluebird House - This house comes with a protective copper plate around the opening as well as a door through which you can easily clean it out, and a unique viewing door which has a protective plastic barrier so you can view your bluebirds while feeling confident  that they are safe from falling out. A great addition to a yard with curious kids! 
Basic Bluebird House - The quintessential bluebird house. A classic, sturdy, and straightforward design. 
Hardware - This pole system is our favorite by far! It is fantastic! They last a really long time and can give you the ability to create an excellent feeding station for your favorite yard visitors! We carry a large variety of accessories that are compatible with this pole system.  From extra arms, to baffles, to bird baths we've got you covered!
Binoculars - Watching birds is really enjoyable for all kinds of people! One of the best investments in a bird watcher's life is their binoculars! We carry a variety of optics from Vortex, a company that we really trust. Come in and try out a pair for yourself! 
The Humzinger - A cute, easy to clean hummingbird feeder that will please your eye and the hummingbirds that visit it!
We offer powdered and liquid hummingbird nectar. These items are a great way to keep your hummingbird feeder full without a ton of work!
The "Best One" Hummingbird Feeder - 8 oz and 16 oz available. This feeder is elegant and easy to clean!
Squirrel Buster Plus - This feeder rocks! It can hold over 5 pounds of seed and is cardinal friendly!
Squirrel Buster Classic - Holds over 2 pounds of seed and is easy to use for clinging and perching birds!
Squirrel Buster Standard - Same great design as the Legacy, but a little smaller. This feeder holds 1.3 pounds of seed.
Squirrel Buster Mini - The baby of the Buster Family. This feeder is designed like the Legacy, but is tiny enough for a cute apartment balcony location! Holds 1 pound of seed.
Squirrel Buster Legacy - The solid body of this feeder completely shuts out squirrels, no matter their angle of attack! Holds 2.6 pounds of seed.
While we certainly love all of the great products we carry at the shop, there are some that really have a special place in our hearts. They're the classics, the tried and true staples of the bird-friendly yard. Below you'll find the staff favorites with a brief description. Please, give us a call at the shop to have all your questions answered! 
Bluebird Accessories - Nesting bluebirds are so fun to watch! Help keep them happy and well fed in your yard with these accessories. This mealworm feeder stakes into the ground for easy placement. The nest cup helps facilitate nest building and is 100% biodegradable! Come see what else we carry for Bluebirds in the store!