Bird Seed
We order fresh bird seed every two weeks- and the birds know the difference!  We carry seed blends that attract a wide variety of birds to some that specifically attract specific species.  Come into our store to see what seed blend is right for your yard.  
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Suet is a mixture of seeds, nuts, fruits, and/or insects with rendered fat.  Birds enjoy this treat any time they need an extra boost of energy: for migration, breeding, or during the winter months for example.  At Wild Bird & Garden, we stock a variety of suet blocks and products for the bird species in our area.
Bird Food
At Wild Bird & Garden, we stock a variety of bird foods to attract the birds you want to your backyard!
Hummingbird Nectar
We have several varieties of easy to mix hummingbird nectar.  Just add water!
Mealworms and Other Bird Foods
Check out the other miscellaneous bird food items we carry below.
Live Mealworms- 1000 ct
More Products
Live Mealworms- 500 ct