Whether you want to keep squirrels and other animals off your birdfeeder or you want to feed squirrels, raccoons, and other mammals in your backyard, we have you covered! **IMAGES NOT TO SCALE**

Don't forget about your bats either!  These little furry fliers can each eat 3,000 mosquitoes in a night!  We have several styles of bat houses in our store.  See our most popular model(s) below.
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Squirrel/ Raccoon/ Bat Items
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Squirrel/ Raccoon Baffles
Pole Mounted Skirt Squirrel Baffle- Black
4x4 Mounted Skirt Squirrel Baffle- Tan
Hanging Skirt Squirrel Baffle- Green
Clear Pole Mounted Squirrel Baffle
Cylindrical Pole Mounted Squirrel Baffle- Black
Cylindrical Pole Mounted Squirrel/ Raccoon Baffle- Black
Cylindrical 4x4 Mounted Squirrel/ Raccoon Baffle- Tan
Clear Hanging Squirrel Baffle
Squirrel Feeding Station
Squirrel Feeder- Big Chair Platform
Squirrel Feeder- Picnic Table
Sweet Corn Squirrel Log- Pack of 2
Bat Houses
Organization for Bat Conservation Bat House
Woodlink Bat Shelter
Stovall Bat House